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You are registering for Level 1: Class 1 

Here are the dates and tuition rates for the complete program. 

Class 1: $1195 USD - June 22-25, 2023

Class 2: $1195 USD - August 24-27, 2023

Class 3: $1195 USD - November 9-12, 2023

Class 4: $1195 USD - January 25-28, 2024

Class location: 

40 Concord St

Nashua, New Hampshire

Class hours: 

     Thursday, June 22                          12:00 PM - 6:30 PM

    Friday, June 23                                 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

    Saturday, June 24                           9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

     Sunday, June 25                               9:00 AM -  3:00 PM



Class 1:

If you withdraw from Class 1 BEFORE it has started, the following policies applies. There is no refund once materials have been released.

If you withdraw from the program more than thirty days before the start of Class 1, 2, 3 or 4, you will receive a 100 % refund on any monies you have paid toward that particular class. If you withdraw less than thirty days prior to the start of class, there is no refund of tuition for that class.

If you just miss a class but intend on completing the one-year program, you are still responsible for the full tuition for the class missed. Your tuition will still give you access to your teacher for questions on the material as well as Course Books and continued participation in Level 1: Fundamentals.

Withdrawals must be received in writing or by e-mail ([email protected]) and will be acknowledged within 24 hours once received. In the case of emergencies or catastrophic events, you may contact Michelle Earnest to discuss your options.
If you miss a class, but intend on completing the one-year program, you become a MIA student for that class. Student may ONLY be MIA for one of the four classes during the Fundamentals year. You are still responsible for the full tuition for the class you missed. Your tuition gives you access to all class materials for the missed class, pre-recorded videos for self-study, and access to your teacher for questions on the material. You must pass the Written and Demo tests for the missed class before you can continue on to the next class in the series.

You may also watch a digital recording of the missed class (filmed previously). You could also attend that class at another Level 1: Fundamentals location. A list of those classes can be found on the Innersource website: https://edenmethod.com/level-1-locations. If you attend a class elsewhere, you may return to your original Level 1: Fundamentals location for the next class. Please discuss your options with your Level 1: Fundamentals teacher, Michelle Earnest, [email protected]
I understand that Eden Energy Medicine is an innovative approach to health care, which is only beginning to be investigated scientifically. I further understand that the training in Eden Energy Medicine and other services I am or may be receiving from Michelle Earnest/Innersource do not substitute for diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified health practitioner for illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions.

Michelle Earnest/Innersource reserves the right, at its discretion and without explanation, to ask a student to leave a Level 1: Fundamentals class, to terminate a student from Level 1: Fundamentals, or to not complete a student from Level 1: Fundamentals based on failure to meet the academic, behavioral, professional, or ethical standards of the program as determined by Innersource staff. Any refunds will be fairly determined, again at the discretion of Innersource staff, on a case-by-case basis.

I also understand that any activity in which a person might participate involves some risk. In consideration of being permitted to enroll for the instructional and other services offered through Michelle Earnest/Innersource, I release and hold Michelle Earnest/Innersource, its agents, officers, employees, directors, successors, and affiliated corporations harmless from any claims arising out of my participation in the instructional or other services offered by Michelle Earnest/Innersource.

I understand that some classes are recorded, that these recordings may be distributed for educational purposes, and I give my permission for my participation to appear on them. I also realize I might appear in background audience shots, as well as other "still" photos taken by various Level 1: Fundamentals teachers or Innersource staff members.

Billing Information

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